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About James Citkovic

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Like many music industry executives, James Citkovic began his career as a musician – at age 13, playing drums, to be exact. Keyboards, guitar, harmonica and songwriting followed. In 1970, James became fascinated with Indian classical music, picked up the tablas and focused on studying with some of the world's most renowned Indian masters, including Alla Rakha, Ravi Shankar, Zakir Hussain and Badel Roy.

In 1973, James Citkovic moved to London and became a session player/songwriter for EMI, recording mostly at Abbey Road Studios. While in the UK, his primary songwriting partner was Robbie Patton, best known as co-writer for Fleetwood Mac. Citkovic also toured with a number of 70s groups, including The Foundations ("Baby Now That I Found You," "Build Me Up Buttercup"), and also secured several publishing contracts while there.

Back in the U.S., James Citkovic landed a recording deal for his band, Black Cat, along with several additional publishing contracts for his own music. Taking note of his successes on the business side of things, many of James's musician friends began asking for his help with their own music careers, and in 1983, Citkovic founded Countdown Entertainment and began concentrating on other people's careers.

Over his many years as a music manager, James Citkovic secured hundreds of deals for his clients, including nearly 50 albums, 50+ singles and dozens of international licensing, publishing and film and TV soundtrack contracts. He has also partnered with other major music managers, including Michael Lang (Woodstock, Joe Cocker, Billy Joel), Mike Appel (Bruce Springsteen), John Regna (Jose Feliciano, ELO) and Betty Kelapire (Trammps), among others.

In the mid-90s, as the traditional record industry reorganized and the roles of managers began to change, James Citkovic recognized that music publishing and masters were becoming increasingly valuable commodities and guided Countdown Entertainment in a new direction – that of brokering entertainment and music IPs.