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Brokering Intellectual Properties

Countdown Entertainment, founded by James Citkovic, brokers intellectual properties including music publishing catalogues, music masters and the sale and acquisition of entertainment properties and music companies worldwide.


Countdown’s recent brokering successes have included Jimi Hendrix’s classic LP Band of Gypsys, A Tribe Called Quest's five-album catalogue and the master rights of a Jimi Hendrix/Curtis Knight 86-song collection sold to SONY with the publishing going to Shubert Music Publishing GmbH. We have also brokered properties of The Ramones, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blackfoot, The Fixx and Elvis, plus many others. As you can see, we work in all genres.

Are you interested in selling a music publishing catalogue, music masters or an entertainment property or company? Contact us.

We can advise you about what you’ll need, such as a full inventory of the property, a 3-to-5-year NPS trackable earnings history along with detailed financials, documentation of ownerships, copyrights and other crucial information.  

Do you want to purchase music catalogues, masters or other types of entertainment intellectual properties or companies? Contact us to discuss your interests and budget.

“Several months ago after I got laid off after nearly 18 years, I found James and his company. I thought there must be a way to start building a future for myself in the crazy production music world instead of just working for someone else. My husband and I embarked on an opportunity James was representing. We have since closed the deal and feel so positive that we are taking the steps of having our destiny in our hands. The process was smooth, but not without hiccups, but in the end all worked out. A big thanks to James and his associates.”

-Chuck Ansel, Executive Vice President

“I was thrilled with Countdown Entertainment and James Citkovic's work on the selling of my company's catalog. They brought new buyers as needed, guided me through the website and was there through the whole process. [I] could not have been happier and it ended with a full price sale to an international company! I recommend James and Countdown highly for the sale of any music assets.”

-Marc Tanner, President
Chime Entertainment

"I worked with James Citkovic when we acquired the worldwide rights to the Ken Tamplin covers catalogue. The entire process went smoothly due to [James’s] knowledge of intellectual properties as well as his professionalism. It was a pleasure to work with James and he earns my recommendation.”

-Chris Panaghi
Amathus Music

"I have had the pleasure of working with James for the past three years and look forward to working with him for many years to come. James is a diligent and respected broker of deals in the music industry and has hundreds of contacts all over the world. Together, we have successfully completed sales for various catalogues including, but not limited to, the Jimi Hendrix/Curtis Knight PPX Master Recordings; the Executive Producer’s Royalty Override Interest in and to the Jimi Hendrix/Band of Gypsys Album; and an Override Interest in and to the Publishing Income for A Tribe Called Quest’s Zomba/Universal Music Catalogue. We have several other deals pending and I look forward to the successful completion of those projects as well. I would enthusiastically, and without reservation, recommend James Citkovic to anyone interest in buying, selling or licensing any catalogue or property in the music industry."

-Ron Skoler, Esq.
The Law Office of Ronald L. Skolar

"James--I always remember how you plug away and there is really no substitution for persistence and you have that in spades. You're a plugger in the best sense of that word. People of today don't even know…what determination it takes. I've always got you in the back of my mind because I'm a good judge of talent; history says so!"

-Mike Appel, Producer/Manager
(Discovered and guided Bruce Springsteen to a successful career.
As a songwriter, Appel has several Gold and Platinum records.)