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James Citkovic has been an entertainment manager and intellectual property licensing manager for over 30 years, representing clients as diverse as: platinum recording artist Irene Cara (winner of an Academy Award, two Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, the People's Choice Award, and the Latino Playwright's Award, who was also voted "One of the Top 100 Black Entertainers" of all time): Grammy-nominated producer/mixer/writer Chris Conway (Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Busta Rhymes) producer, songwriter and TV/Film composer Ken Tamplin, (, who received the Dove Award for Best Metal/Hard Rock Songs and Albums; Daize (, the #1 World Champion Long Board Surfer turned Rocker; Hip hop artists Wood Ready (, and scores of other successful singers, songwriters, musicians and producers.

But Citkovic's talent extends far beyond his management duties. In addition to being active in music publishing and soundtrack placements, he also has been very successful brokering international intellectual property and licensing deals with major music publishing catalogues, masters of major artists and films including:

The Ramones, Vol. 1 & 2 (
Elvis Presley (
Joe Strummer (of The Clash) (Digital Site Music)
Living Loud (of Deep Purple) (
The Fixx, artists/performers and songswriters (
Steve Ronsen, and pop/rock artist (

Several of his deals have run to the millions of dollars in revenue for his artists and musicians.

To his credit, James has contracted more than 40 full-length CDs, 50 singles, numerous international licensing deals and more then a dozen music publishing deals for his clients with companies such as:

BMG Entertainment (
Warner/Chappell (
Radikal Records/BMG
Extreme Music (
Shatter Records
Pipeline/Warner Brothers
Personal Records/BMG
Music Maniac Records
Famous Music (
Hit & Run Music (
MCA Music Publishing (
Moore Music (West Germany)

Citkovic has also secured major music soundtrack deals including song placements in:

Clueless (Paramount Films)
Oprah Winfrey Show (
E Entertainment (
Fox Sports (
The Weather Channel (
Food TV Network (
The Surf Channel

James Citkovic's music career began at age 13 when he started to play drums; soon thereafter; he began playing the keyboards, harmonica, guitar and writing songs. In 1970, James became interested in classical Indian music, picked up the Tablas and spent time studying Indian Classical music (which has the most complex rhythmic system of any music in the world) with some of the world's most renowned Indian masters including:

Alla Rakha (Personal Tribute)
Ravi Shankar (
Zakir Hussain (
Badel Roy (

In 1973, Citkovic moved to London to be a session player/songwriter for EMI (, recording mostly at Abbey Road ( While in the UK, his primary songwriting partner was Robbie Patton, best known as cowriter for Fleetwood Mac ( He also toured with a number of groups including the Foundations (Baby, Now That I Found You and Build Me Up, Buttercup) and landed several publishing contracts there as well.

Back in the U.S., Citkovic secured a recording deal for his band, Black Cat, and several additional publishing contracts for himself. Seeing his success, many of James's musician friends began asking for his assistance in furthering their own music careers. In 1983, Citkovic founded his first music management firm, COUNTDOWN ENTERTAINMENT and began concentrating on other people's careers.

James has worked with and on the development of the bands:

Vibrolush (Interscope -
The Bloodhound Gang (Geffen -
AKU*AKU (Shatter)

James has also secured record deals for his clients with major record producers such as:

Alan Parsons (Beatles, Pink Floyd)
Steve Thompson (Blues Traveler and Metallica)
Kasenetz & Katz (who have 33 gold and platinum records)
Jeff Gordon (Riot & Yoko Ono).

Over the years, Citkovic has been partners on his projects with a number of major music managers, including:

John Regna (Jose Feliciano, ELO)
Michael Lang (Woodstock, Joe Cocker, Billy Joel)
Betty Kelapire (Tramps)
Mike Appel (Bruce Springsteen)
Bob Schwaid (A&R Director, MCA Records)

In 2002, in response to the changing needs of the music industry, specifically as it relates to "artist development," James established Hire a Consultant, a division of Countdown Entertainment, which provides fee-based services to a variety of talent- artists, performing groups and unsigned bands, singers, songwriters, publishers, managers, producers, engineers, composers, session musicians and recording studios.

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